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At Blue Wave Trading, we empower traders with cutting-edge automated and hybrid trading software and price action indicators that provide unmatched advantages in navigating the equity and futures markets ruled by Algorithmic Trading. 

Building on over 20 years of experience, we have emerged as the premier developer of algorithmic, automated and hybrid trading systems for retail and professional traders. BWT software is exclusively designed for the NinjaTrader™ platform.

As one of the first third-party vendors in the NinjaTrader Ecosystem™, We were the first to introduce automation in volatility-based red-blue bar algorithm that accurately excecuted on Renko Bartypes. 

In 2023, we unveiled The BWT Core Levels™, bringing real-time dynamic Supply Demand Levels for London and US sessions and enabling the automation of profit targets at these levels with accompanying probability statistics.


The BWT Precision Autotrader is the original and ultimate automated and hybrid trading software for traders of all levels.

Designed exclusively NinjaTrader™ nearly 20 years ago in 2004, our software has been proven reliable and advantageous for over two decades, becoming the standard for automated trading strategies.

Our platform includes three powerful algorithms and customizable filters, such as ORB Breakout, Higher Timeframe Filter (HTF) and  3 Line Break along with the remarkably accurate BWT Core Buy Sell Levels for identifying institutional Buy and Sell Levels and Supply Demand Support and Resistance.

BWT software empowers traders to make informed decisions and trade with a definitive edge.

Our User Configuration Panel eliminates confusion and makes it easy to adjust parameters, even in real-time.

With a background in the Securities Industry as an advisor and money manager  The BWT Precision Autotrader was conceived and created by trading veteran Randy M. Sarrow.

Join us and learn how our software can make a difference in your trading.


The BWT Precision Trend indicators now include the BWT Core Indicators and are available for the NinjaTrader Trading Platform.

See real time Supply Demand Zones and Expected Support and Resistance Levels like you have never seen before.

Our BWT Core Indicator and Algorithm has remarkable accuracy and is not something you will find at one of the cheesy mass marketing indicator “factories” that have a new indictor every week that will solve your problems.

The BWT Core Levels are unique and recalculate after the first hour in the US Session.

The logic behind the BWT automated trading system is similar but adds automation of filters, profit targets and goals and much more.  

The BWT indicators for NinjaTrader gives you the same clean, clear format and BWT original graphical style.

Used by retail, professional and commercial traders worldwide in over 20 countries since 2003 for stocks, commodities, futures, ETFs, Forex and Options – day trading, swing trading and position trading systems.

BWT Trading Systems Pricing and Ordering

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BWT Precision Autotrader

Annual Subscription Only:BWT Precision AutoTraderfor NinjaTrader 8 (Annual Payment)
BWT Precision Autotrader1st Annual Payment: $995includes BWT Indicators & BarTypes for NinjaTrader 8


BWT Precision Indicators

BWT Core Levels
BWT Globex Levels
BWT Swing Levels
BWT Price Action Swing
BWT Precision Trend
BWT Precision Trend MTF
BWT Precision MA
BWT Precision MA Convergence
BWT Precision Natural Bands
BWT Precision Step MA
BWT 3 Line Break
BWT Tick Extremes
BWT Volume Profile
BWT Precision Oscillator
BWT Precision Parabolic
BWT Precision Pct R Stochastic


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