Why choose BWT ?The Real BWT Autotrader Story From the Developer

Blue Wave Trading was one of the first NinjaTrader 3rd Party Add On developers in July 2007. Now it’s called the NinjaTrader Ecosystem and has almost 400 vendors. Most were added after 2009. 

Blue Wave Trading was probably the first vendor to offer an automated trading solution in NinjaTrader version 6.5. The BWT Precision Autotrader in 2024 is still the original algo and system logic from its inception, but we have continued to refine and improve it’s functionality every year.

An important feature of the BWT Precision Autotrader is that it is Professionally Coded 100% in NT unmanaged mode. The official NinjaTrader Documentation states:” The Unmanaged approach is reserved for VERY EXPERIENCED programmers. ….In place of the convenience layer that the Managed approach offered, the Unmanaged approach instead offers ultimate flexibility in terms of order submission and management…..

Writing code in unmanaged mode requires extra time and effort and requires a significantly higher coding skill set, that most NinjaScript Developers simply do not have… I say this with complete confidence because at one time or another over the last 18 years, I have personally worked with many of them!

What NinjaScript Developers Don’t Want You to Know:

One of the retail trading industry’s dirty little secrets about automated trading and indicators is that most developers are not traders and don’t really know much about actual trading scenarios that occur with real money or real time data issues. They are developers not traders… or worse internet marketing professionals exploiting the retail trading marketplace. Some of the biggest sellers of NinjaTrader indicators are not traders but savvy internet marketers repackaging public domain indicators and selling them to retail traders who are fascinated by the video game look and mindset with names of indicators like “Diamond Tiger” or “Solar River”. These companies are run by savvy entrepreneurs not based in the US who recruit American counterparts to sell their wares and make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. The pitch is always 40-70% off an inflated price to fool buyers into thinking they are getting a “deal”… Now many are marketing automated systems and “Bots” promising a “Set and Forget” solution, and high win rates where the trader doesn’t have to worry about learning trading, price action or anything else except turning it on. These “Bots” always fail. Every time. Oh yes they may work for a while but eventually the dynamic of the market will change, and an unsustainable drawdown will occur.


without overfills or errors.

Training & Support

1 to 1 Live Skype, Telephone, Remote Assistance, Help Desk – training & support – is provided by System Developer and trader Randy Sarrow.

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BWT Precision Autotrader

Annual Subscription Only:BWT Precision AutoTraderfor NinjaTrader 8 (Annual Payment)
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